the first adoption program supported
by a soccer


Adopt a Little Fan, a campaign for Sport Club do Recife.
In Brazil, 94% of parents interested in adoption
seek a child under the age of 7 years old.
But 78% of the kids that are waiting to be adopted
are older than that. What happens is that these kids
end up living in shelters until they come of age.
To call people's attention to this problem,
we are using Brazilians' biggest passion: soccer.


When you adopt a child that already roots for your team you can count on him to go to the stadium with you, help you to know the name of the 93's squad and celebrate with you when your team scores. Thinking about this complicity, we created Adopt a Little Fan. Our intention was to discuss the problem of old orphans that almost never get adopted in Brazil. For our surprise and happiness, the campaign not only discussed the subject but also was responsible for 16 new adoptions. 


The identity of the campaign was based on Cordel Literature,
a visual language of books selled in cities of Northeast Brazil,
like Recife.




Creative Directors

Art Directors






Aricio Fortes
Paulo Coelho
Claudio Lima

Vinicius Prego
Manu Mazzaro
Michel Neuhaus
Teco Cipriano

André Jardim
Omar Caldas

Doug Lira
Val deir