is a fast food chain with
a bold tagline: “You can’t control yourself”.









We had to find a way to prove that our burgers are so irresistible that people simply can’t wait to taste them.

We created a package that dramatically reduces the time from getting your hands on one of our burgers to actually eating it. Meet the world’s first edible wrapper for burgers.

The idea received international press coverage. TV hosts, journalists and bloggers got curious to try our edible wrapper. And some even organized their own stunts
to taste a burger without having to remove the wrapper.

They talked about it!

making it happen

We wanted to make a fun content, like Bobs' TVCs, but with potential
for buzz in social media. 

At first, we thought of a press advertising so delicious that could be eaten. So we came up with the insight, what if the burger wrapper
was eatable? This way we would drastically reduce time between
the hamburger purchase and the first bite.

Our challenge began after the approval of the idea: finding the best eatable, printable and packable paper to wrap the burger. Working with
the producers, we found the perfect rice paper.

Vudoo Productions helped us to develop a shooting plan. Considering the low budget, we had only one shooting day and we needed to guarantee people would taste the hamburgers wrapped in eatable paper.

After a day of hard work, and a little luck, we got almost 30 people that tried our eatable paper, and a lot of shooting material to edit.





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